Back to Real Food

Is anyone as relieved as me to return to routine after the holidays? Maybe a boring routine, but mentally and physically my body begs it. Don’t get me wrong, I adore holidays and the special foods and excitement that follow. I love hanging out with family and am blessed to be surrounded by truly good … Continue reading Back to Real Food


Exercise: How Intense is Enough?

In September I joined a gym. Even though that sounds trite (because who doesn’t belong to a gym nowadays?), it’s significant for me. For the last 10 years I’ve worked as an exercise instructor, which means free memberships wherever I teach. I could only manage part-time, teaching at most four classes a week because I … Continue reading Exercise: How Intense is Enough?

Farro Risotto

I admit upfront that I've never made risotto from scratch. Does it count that I've salivated when watching television chefs cook and plate it? It's a comfort-food type of rice dish, using a sticky short grain white rice that is constantly stirred to release its starch, developing a silky creamy texture. A bit bored with … Continue reading Farro Risotto