Hi there! I’m Nancy, a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified diabetes educator, and group exercise instructor practicing in Boston, Massachusetts, previously blogging as FitMamaEats. I created this site because I see many people with health concerns who always ask the ever important question, “Then what can I eat?” My usual response was to refer them to websites and recipe articles I’d filed away on Pinterest, but I realized an easier solution was to create an all-in-one site for quick reference, which birthed RD Recipe Resource.

My recipes are plant-centric because I strongly believe in the healing power of whole foods, and quick to prepare because that’s what weekday meals usually require! I may also blog about restaurants, exercise, or daily ventures because I get bored always talking about nutrition 😆

Feel free to email at nancyeats@gmail.com, or make an appointment with me for personalized guidance through the Nutrition Clinic at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. Also check out The Nutrition Source for more in-depth nutrition and health articles, where I work as a writer for the Harvard School of Public Health, and Today’s Dietitian where I’m a contributor to their blog, RD Lounge.

Nowadays there are a million and one blogs to check out, so thank you for taking the time to visit mine 😊🙏

Nancy Oliveira, MS, RDN, CDE

🍒The wonderful fruit and vegetable headers were painted by my friend Shauna Biby. Her contact is leealaia@gmail.com for custom work 🍇


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