Hi there! I’m Nancy, a mom, registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, health writer, and group exercise instructor practicing in Boston, Massachusetts.

I first fell into blogging years ago through Stacy DeBroff at Mom Central, a pioneer in the mommy blog movement. While on maternity leave I worked for her briefly where she inspired me to start FitMamaEats. My son was young and I had plenty of mommy content to write about. It was a fun project that lasted many years with collaborations with local and national companies, but that required a lot of attention. I backed off from it in 2016 as the mommy blogosphere had become super-saturated with talented bloggers and my other work became more demanding. I was also uncomfortable that my blog had morphed into a big commercial, as I was often promoting products sent to me for free. RDs are seen as health influencers so it would make sense that industry would want to partner up, but it could also be viewed as a conflict of interest. The impact of industry influence on all health professionals is a sticky issue right now, and I’m relieved to be removed from it!

I created RDRecipeResource as an extra resource for people I see every week with health conditions who have endless questions. Can I treat a disease through my diet? How can I exercise with no time? Did you hear about that new nutrition study? There’s a lot to talk about! My food focus is plant-centered because I strongly believe in their healing power, having witnessed it time and again through people battling cancer, diabetes, heart disease, addictions and many other conditions.

Connect with me at nancyeats@gmail.com or make an appointment for personalized guidance through the Nutrition Clinic at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. Also check out The Nutrition Source for more in-depth food, research, and health articles, where I work as a science writer for the Harvard School of Public Health, and Today’s Dietitian where I’m a contributor to their blog, RD Lounge.

Nowadays there are a million and one blogs to check out, so thanks for taking the time to visit mine!

Nancy Oliveira, MS, RDN, CDE

🍒The wonderful fruit and vegetable headers were painted by my friend Shauna Biby. Her contact is leealaia@gmail.com for custom work 🍇

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