What About the Ketogenic Diet?

Seems that the popularity of new fad diets never ends, and registered dietitians have their hands full! In the clinic, patients tend to be more on top of these diets than I am, which leaves me scrambling to research them. The ketogenic diet or keto diet is the new hot ticket, with a large and … Continue reading What About the Ketogenic Diet?


Roasted Sweet Potato, Beet & Bean Spread

If you enjoy hummus, you'll probably like this recipe. Hummus is on my weekly shopping list, but it does get boring after a while. This is a very easy recipe and fun alternative to hummus. And it's versatile. You can use it as a dip for chopped vegetables, a protein-rich breakfast toast topper, a spread … Continue reading Roasted Sweet Potato, Beet & Bean Spread

Farro Risotto

I admit upfront that I've never made risotto from scratch. Does it count that I've salivated when watching television chefs cook and plate it? It's a comfort-food type of rice dish, using a sticky short grain white rice that is constantly stirred to release its starch, developing a silky creamy texture. A bit bored with … Continue reading Farro Risotto