A Healthy Spin on a Chinese Takeout Favorite

Throughout my childhood, my Dad was very active in the Chinese community in Rhode Island. He was one of the founders of the Rhode Island Association of Chinese Americans, at the time a small but close-knit community group that worked to promote local Chinese businesses and the integration of Chinese immigrants newly arriving in the state. … Continue reading A Healthy Spin on a Chinese Takeout Favorite


Fresh Easy Summer Wraps

Every season has its personality, and what I notice most about summer is the laziness (in a good way!). People slow down with the heat, and meals are easier. No one wants to switch on a heated stove or oven so there's less cooking. Out comes summer food: salads, sandwiches and grilling. Sometimes I use … Continue reading Fresh Easy Summer Wraps

Farro Risotto

I admit upfront that I've never made risotto from scratch. Does it count that I've salivated when watching television chefs cook and plate it? It's a comfort-food type of rice dish, using a sticky short grain white rice that is constantly stirred to release its starch, developing a silky creamy texture. A bit bored with … Continue reading Farro Risotto

Are You Guilty of These 5 Common Strength Training Mistakes?

No doubt that strength training is a vital part of any exercise routine. Why? Strong muscles help with everyday functions like lifting heavy grocery bags and doing yard work, and improves balance to reduce falls. It supports and protects bones and joints, which prevents or eases painful conditions like arthritis, knee pain and back aches. … Continue reading Are You Guilty of These 5 Common Strength Training Mistakes?