Fresh Easy Summer Wraps

Every season has its personality, and what I notice most about summer is the laziness (in a good way!). People slow down with the heat, and meals are easier. No one wants to switch on a heated stove or oven so there's less cooking. Out comes summer food: salads, sandwiches and grilling. Sometimes I use … Continue reading Fresh Easy Summer Wraps


Humbled by Yoga

My very first yoga experience was in my living room using a VHS tape featuring a chiseled instructor named Bryan Kest. Although I enjoyed just watching him with his deep super-sexy voice, when I did do the routines I marveled at how empowering the movements felt even though they were completely different from my usual … Continue reading Humbled by Yoga

Farro Risotto

I admit upfront that I've never made risotto from scratch. Does it count that I've salivated when watching television chefs cook and plate it? It's a comfort-food type of rice dish, using a sticky short grain white rice that is constantly stirred to release its starch, developing a silky creamy texture. A bit bored with … Continue reading Farro Risotto